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☆Kanazawa city, Japan

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Kanazawa, Japan
I spent an amazing year from summer 2007 until summer 2008 in beautiful west coast Kanazawa, Japan. I can sum it up by saying: drinking and smoking in Musashigatsuji with Tory and Kenji, 300$ karaoke bills in Osaka (alcholiday!), making chocolate for Ooe, Hanging out with rockstars in the Tsutaya parking lot, skipping school to go to the beach, living in a shinto shrine, and being 5 feet away from Yamapi. it was a blasttt.

Oita, Japan
I'm currently attending a university in Kyushu! I'm here for my B.A and am a sophmore. The first year especially was craziness at the dorms with drinking parties constantly, made some amazing friends. (Cherry and Serena being my two best!!) and have been dating an awesome guy from Kobe. I love my school :)

Aside from Japan...
I wanna go to Taiwan or Brazil for study abroad junior year :3

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